Mail Order Bride: Westward Moon (Montana Mail Order Brides Book 10)

Westward Moon, Montana Mail Order Brides Book 10



Sparrow, a Lakota woman, is married to an abusive man she hates. Her father, the chief of her tribe, has denied the divorce she is entitled to by Lakota law and she lives in misery until with the help of a friend, is able to contact Jack Samuels, the handsome deputy she fell in love with years ago.
Jack Samuels, heartbroken when Sparrow’s tribe left for good, has never forgotten his Lakota maiden. When he receives a mysterious letter from Nebraska, he quickly realizes that Sparrow is reaching out for help. He jumps at the chance to be with Sparrow again and is soon on his way to rescue her.
Getting Sparrow back home to Dawson is the easy part. While danger lurks everywhere, the biggest threat comes in the form of secrets and lies. Can their love survive or is the handsome deputy and the Lakota maiden’s love to be forever denied?


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