Mail Order Bride: Westward Christmas (Montana Mail Order Brides Book 11)

Westward Christmas





The last time Sasha McCall had been in Dawson, she had met the dashing Dr. Ben Walker and had been instantly smitten. His dark good looks and soft Georgia accent captivated her. Now back home in Nebraska, her life is devoid of warmth and joy. Already planning to move to Dawson, Sasha receives a letter from Ben that gives her even more reason to return there. She hurries her plans along so that she can travel as soon as possible.
Unable to get the gorgeous Sasha out of his head, Ben Walker makes a daring move to find out if Sasha returns his feelings. Her beauty, bravery, and warmth are just a few of the things he admires about her. Upon receiving an answer in the affirmative from her, Ben begins exchanging letters with the woman who has captured his imagination and possibly his heart.
When she arrives in Dawson, Sasha and Ben begin a romance full of promise and passion. Their relationship deepens and they share joy like neither of them have ever experienced before. Desire and love flare during the joyous Christmas season, but a test of faith intervenes and things turn dark for the couple. Can they find the light again or are they doomed to a life of darkness.


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