Mail Order Bride: Westward Visions (Montana Mail Order Brides: Book 12)

Mail Order Bride: Westward Visions by Linda BrideyFor all of you who have been waiting for my next book (Westward Visions: Book 12), you will be pleased to hear that it is now available.




Reckless Wolf on the Hill is a Lakota brave who lives near Dawson, Montana. He’s a fun-loving, fierce warrior who is in search of a bride. However, there are no women in their tribe who catches his eye, especially because most of them are related to him. Courting a woman from Dawson is out of the question because no woman he knows there would ever live in an Indian village. After voicing his frustrations to his friend Abby Bradbury, she convinces him to search for a bride with a tribe she was friends with in Wabasha, Minnesota. Reckless is always willing to do the unexpected or come up with creative ways to solve problems and decides to give it a chance.

Whispering Brook is a Lakota maiden who’s romantic future looks bleak due to a familial tragedy. Considered bad luck by most of the tribe now, none of the younger braves wish to court Brook. When Abby first contacts her family about this Montana brave who is looking for a bride, Brook is filled with dread at the thought of marrying someone she has never met. Her parents accept this Reckless’ proposal, however, because he offers a very good bride price. Though it is unusual, her parents agree to let Brook exchange letters with Reckless if it will ease their beloved daughter’s mind about the man.

By the time her family makes the trip to Dawson, Brook is smitten with Reckless and even more so upon meeting him. He’s handsome, charismatic, and lives up to his name. Reckless finds Brook beautiful, sweet, and spirited; just what he’s been looking for in a woman. Their romance blossoms and they are soon married. The young couple is happier than they ever expected until a devastating tragedy befalls the tribe and creates tension and heartache for all—including them. Reckless and Brook face an uncertain future when pride and anger threatens to divide them for good. Can they get past these obstacles to ensure their visions of a life together?


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