Mail Order Bride: Westward Courage (Montana Mail Order Brides: Book 17)

Westward courageFor all of you who have been waiting for my next book (Westward Courage: Book 17), you will be pleased to hear that it is now available.

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The sudden deaths of her family turns Cassie Sebastian’s life upside down and she finds herself forced to find a wealthy husband in order to support the kind of lifestyle she’s always known. When she comes across a mail-order-bride advertisement from a man she believes will be the perfect match for her, she sets out for Dawson, Montana, accompanied by her cousin, Tom. The problem is, not all is as it seems when she arrives to meet her prospective groom.
Caleb Benson is a rugged rancher and bouncer who’s ready to settle down and start a family. After witnessing the success of some other Dawson men who’ve found wives through the local mail-order-bride service, he decides to give it a whirl. When he starts corresponding with Cassie, he thinks maybe he’s found the right woman with whom to share his life.
Upon meeting, sparks fly immediately between the two—and not the good kind. It soon becomes clear that Cassie and Caleb are the victims of a mistake in the advertisement and they agree to cut their losses. That is until circumstances conspire against Cassie’s leaving and she and Caleb decide to make the best of their situation and find out if their suited for each other, after all. Their unlikely romance seems to be going very well until tragedy strikes and threatens to tear the two lovers apart forever.


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