Mail Order Bride: Westward Spirit (Montana Mail Order Brides: Book 18)

Westward spirit book 18For all of you who have been waiting for my next book (Westward Spirit: Book 18), you will be pleased to hear that it is now available.





Bryn Maddox is a woman with self-image issues and no prospects of finding a husband in Braxton, Kansas. At her father’s urging, she begins the search for the man of her dreams by turning to mail-order-bride advertisements. When her friend, Sonny, points out one to her, she decides that the gentleman could definitely be the one for her. Pinning her hopes on the man from Dawson, Montana, Bryn sets out to secure the future she’s always wanted.

After spending five years in medical school, Dr. Mike Samuels has finally realized his dream of earning his degree and settling into practice with his uncle and their good friend at the medical clinic in Dawson. Mike’s next mission is finding a wife and he wastes no time in getting started. Bryn’s letter tells him that she’s everything he could ever want in a woman. She’s sweet, fun, talented, and built like he likes his women.

Upon meeting, Bryn can’t believe her luck in finding someone like the handsome young doctor with a genius intellect and a heart of gold. Their attraction is instant and they embark on a magical, passionate romance that seems as perfect as they are for each other. Or is it? Throw in family conflict, conceit, anger, and misunderstanding and it all creates a perfect storm that threatens to snuff out the shining spirit of their love. Will they find the faith to overcome it all?


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