Mail Order Bride: Westward Fate (Montana Mail Order Brides: Book 19)

Westward Fate

For all of you who have been waiting for my next book (Westward Fate: Book 19), you will be pleased to hear that it is now available at the links below.




After resisting going to Dawson, Montana for many years, Edwina Bradbury finally agrees to go visit her cousins. Her cousin Tessa Samuels entices her not only with a petition signed by many in the community, but also by sending her a mail-order-bride advertisement from a handsome, debonair English butler named Randall Cranston. The sole heir of an enormous fortune, Edwina has always done as she pleased and never entertained the notion of marriage—until now. She wonders if Randall might be right for her and leaves for Dawson.

Randall Cranston has had his hands full with Joe Dwyer, mayor of Dawson, since Joe was sixteen and had no desire to get married and have children of his own. However, after his long-time relationship ends when he and his lady friend have different things in mind for the future, he thinks that now may be the perfect time to settle down with someone special. When he receives a letter from Edwina, he is instantly charmed by her wicked humor and independence.

From their first meeting, the two are highly attracted to one another and their relationship blossoms even amid terrible events within Dawson that shock the citizens and reveal truths and secrets that no one could have ever imagined. Can the Englishman and the heiress hold fast to their new love or will their plans for the future be torn asunder by conflict and tragedy?


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