Mail Order Bride: Westward Wild (Montana Mail Order Brides: Book 21)

Westward wild by Linda BrideyFor all of you who have been waiting for my next book (Westward Wild: Book 21), you will be pleased to hear that it is now available at the links below.





For several years, Tom Sebastian has come to Dawson for a yearly visit. After deciding to make Dawson his permanent home, he also begins looking for a wife. Since it’s worked out very well for quite a few men in Dawson, Tom decides to advertise for a bride. When he arrives in Dawson that June, there are a pile of letters awaiting him, but one captures his attention much more than any of the others. Tom thinks that this is the right woman with whom to correspond—or is she?

Ivy Danvers dreams of marrying a kind, handsome man someday. After her father’s repeated attempts to marry her to a local man who is twice her age, she knows that she has to leave her hometown of Crystal Cove, South Dakota in order to find the man of her dreams. However, with only a dollar in her pocket, Ivy knows she doesn’t have the money to make a long journey. When she finds Tom’s advertisement in the newspaper, she sees that he’s only a couple days’ travel away from her and decides to write him.

Tom is charmed by her witty letters and she is attracted to his kindness and intelligence. Upon meeting, Tom discovers that instead of the refined, genteel lady he’s expecting, Ivy is a wild mountain girl who hasn’t known very much kindness or security. Despite her poor social class, Tom is charmed by her beauty, wit, and pure heart. Ivy has never met anyone like the handsome, elegant Virginian and she’s instantly smitten with him.

Their attraction is immediate and so powerful that they can hardly bear to be apart despite their differences in social class, education, and worldly outlook. Neither of them care about any of those things—but others do. Can they fight through the difficulties that arise in the face of outside influences or will lack of faith and hardened hearts doom their love?



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