Mail Order Bride: Montana Bargain (Echo Canyon Brides: Book 2

montana bargain  by Linda BrideyFor all of you who have been waiting for my next book (Montana Bargain: Book 2), you will be pleased to hear that it is now available at the links below.



Dr. Erin Avery didn’t fight her way through medical school only to be kept from her dream of practicing medicine. There’s nothing she won’t do to make that dream come true—including marrying a strange man from another state. When she reads Dr. Winslow Wu’s bride advertisement, she immediately knows that this man will become her husband. He wants to marry a female doctor and she intends to be that doctor.

Echo, Montana is a town on the verge of extinction. Winslow Wu (Win to his friends) is a veterinarian whose services aren’t used very much because of the prejudice in the area against the Chinese. He still loves his town and doesn’t want to see it perish. He wants a wife and the town needs a doctor, so he decides to put the two together. After the first letter from Erin, it’s apparent that she’s the right woman for both jobs.

Their attraction is immediate and their similar professions give them a lot in common. Their respect and passion for each other grows into love and they’re happier than they ever thought they’d be. Darkness looms on the horizon, however, waiting to rip them apart. Their successful bargain is in danger of becoming a losing proposition. Can they hold on and keep their dreams in alive or will they wither and die?





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