Mail Order Bride: Montana Luck (Echo Canyon Brides: Book 4)

echo canyon book 4For all of you who have been waiting for my next book (Montana Luck: Book 4), you will be pleased to hear that it is now available at the links below.






Lucky Quinn still fights the heartache inside over the loss of his wife, Avasa, to another man. However, his son, Otto, needs a mother and Lucky is a firm believer in a child having two parents if at all possible. He places a mail-order-bride advertisement, but his heart just isn’t in the search. Then after a suggestion from his friend, Win, Lucky begins looking at it from a practical angle; look for a mother for Otto and a woman with a skill that Echo needs. If he can do that, it’ll be a winning situation for everyone.

Leah Carter is a cobbler by trade and desires a husband and family, but can she find a man willing to marry a deaf woman? When she receives Lucky’s first letter, she’s certain that she’d found just such a man. His story touches her heart and she can hardly believe that he’s accepting of both her profession and her deafness.

When the two meet, their respect and attraction for one another begins to grow and neither can believe how lucky they are to have found each other. As they begin to plan their future together, unexpected events interfere and threaten their happiness. Will good fortune keep smiling on them or will their luck run out and destroy their dreams?


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