Mail Order Bride: Montana Fire (Echo Canyon Brides: Book 5)

echo canyon book 5Woo Hoo! For all of you who have been waiting for my next book (Montana Luck: Book 5), you will be pleased to hear that it is now available at the links below.






Famous bounty hunter, Thad McIntyre, finds himself an instant father to three kids after their mother is murdered. His job requires him to be away much of the time. It’s clear to him that he needs a wife to take care of them and run the household while he’s gone. So begins his search for the perfect woman to fill that role.

At first he only looks for a wife for his children’s sakes, but once he meets Jessie Alderman and her two daughters, it doesn’t take long for him to become attached to all of them. He never thought he’d meet such three wonderful women.

Jessie and her daughters are forced to sell their Kentucky farm after losing her husband two years prior. Time isn’t on their side and it’s imperative that Jessie finds a husband to gain financial security and a stable home. Thad is the most suitable choice out of the possible men she’s considered, so she takes a chance on the tough bounty hunter with a rough charm.

Neither of them had expected the instant attraction they feel for each other and it doesn’t take long for romance to blossom between them. Thad is everything Jessie could ever want in a man; handsome, responsible, funny, and caring. He’s kind to her daughters and supportive of her.

Thad is thrilled to find a beautiful, good-natured, yet tough woman with a good heart with whom to share his life. The fire that flares between them is consuming and their happiness burns bright until their world is shaken by terrible events that threaten to dampen the flames and leave them in bleak darkness. Will they be able to move past it all and regain their bright future or is their life doomed to lay in ashes in the aftermath?


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