Mail Order Bride: Montana Hearts (Echo Canyon Brides: Book 6)

Montana Hearts - echo canyon brides book 6I am excited to announce that book 6 in my Echo Canyon Brides series is now available at the links below. Happy reading.




After a failed relationship with Pastor Andi Thatcher, Cheyenne brave, Wild Wind, is ready again to search for a bride and takes out an advertisement for a mail-order bride. When he only receives letters from women who expect him to convert to their Christian faith, he becomes discouraged. He refuses to renounce his faith, but knows in doing so that he may be unable to ever find a woman who can accept him.

Roxie Ryder became attracted to Wild Wind from the first moment she met him, but she’s never had the courage to let him know—that is until she finds out that he’s advertised for a bride. Roxie decides it’s time to make her feelings known and does just that.

Wild Wind is caught completely off guard by her revelation, but quickly realizes that the right woman for him has been under his nose ever since he arrived in Echo. Romance ensues for them, but outside influences threaten to drive them apart for good.

Mystery man, Arliss Jackson, begins searching for clues about his past even as danger lurks and he finds out some startling information about himself. Who is he? Why are people trying to kill him? He and a couple of friends embark on a mission to find the answers to these questions. He can’t move forward and grasp the happy future he wants until he does.


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