Mail Order Bride: Montana Surprise (Echo Canyon Brides: Book 9)

montana-surprise-by-linda-brideyI am excited to announce that book 9 in my Echo Canyon Brides series is now available at the links below. Happy reading.








After being passed over by women, Gino Terranova decides to give advertising for a mail-order bride a second chance. When he exchanges letters with Carrie Sheehan, he thinks he’s found a woman with whom he has a chance at love. Although he tries not to get carried away, he can’t help hoping that this time things will turn out differently for him. Carrie is everything Gino could hope for; beautiful, smart, and humorous—but she also springs some surprises on him.

For Carrie, Gino is a lifeline, a way to gain a secure future and escape her tumultuous past. But it’s not long until she develops real feelings for the handsome, Italian cowboy. He’s everything she could ever want in a man, but he doesn’t trust her.

Can Gino overcome his disappointment and forgive Carrie for her deceitfulness? Will Carrie be able to gain back Gino’s trust? Will both be able to compromise and work together to forge a lasting marriage or is all hope lost?




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