After the Storm (Dawson Chronicles #2)

After-the-Storm-by-Linda-Bridey-SI am excited to announce that book 2 in my Dawson Chronicles series is now available at the links below. Happy reading.






Renee Keller has enchanted Tim Dwyer with her wit, charm, and beauty. After spending his sister’s reception with her, Tim decides to go after the dark-haired beauty. The two become friends, but Tim is determined to become much more than that. When Renee informs him that a man she’s been interested in turns out to not be the man she thought he was, Tim decides to act.

Renee cherishes her friendship with Tim, so when he expresses his romantic feelings towards her, she’s confused. Now that he’s opened her eyes, she sees that they might make a good match, but she’s afraid to lose him as a friend. Another friend helps her see that taking a chance on love is worth the risk.

Both of them discover a kindred soul in each other and their romance takes off. However, pride, secrets, and horror intrude on their relationship, threatening their dreams of a happy future. With so much turmoil looming on the horizon, can they ride out the storms of life, or will their hopes be dashed?


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