Mail Order Bride: Montana Miracle (Echo Canyon Brides: Book 10)

Montana-miracle-by-linda-bridey-webI am excited to announce that book 10 in my Echo Canyon Brides series is now available at the links below. Happy reading.





Three years ago, Sofia Carter’s heart was broken by her ex-fiancé’s infidelity. When two men begin vying for her affection, she finds that she’s finally healed enough to contemplate attempting another relationship. It won’t be easy to pick one. Both are handsome, upstanding men, but with very different personalities.

Travis Desmond has had more than his fair share of heartbreak. His cheating ex-wife left his life in shambles and until now, he’s been concentrating on putting it back together for him and his daughter, Pauline. He can no longer ignore his growing attraction to Sofia, and decides to take a chance on love again. The humorous, caring ranch foreman goes after her, well aware that he has competition. Will the fact that he’s known Sofia for several years give him an edge or will she be swayed by a new man in Echo?

Captain Zeb Rawlins is honest, decent, and dedicated—to his job. So much so that he’s never had a serious relationship or contemplated marriage until he was assigned to help guard the Echo Canyon Indian School. The job is less demanding than he’s used to and he finds himself lonely and at loose ends. He’s not getting any younger and his thoughts increasingly turn to settling down. Sofia is everything he could want in a wife; beautiful, kind, and intelligent, and he wastes no time in calling on her.

As usual in Echo, nothing is as it seems, including romance. Amid the danger of a killer on the loose, love and intrigue abound, leaving no one unchanged. But even in tumultuous times, miracles can happen—very unexpected ones and sometimes those are the best kind.


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