Spirit Journey (Dawson Chronicles #3)

Spirit-Journey-by-Linda-BrideyI am excited to announce that book 3 in my Dawson Chronicles series is now available at the links below. Happy reading.






Thrilled to have been invited along on his Lakota friends’ mission to the Black Hills in search of Raven Dwyer’s son, Runner, Skip Keller looks forward to a trip filled with fun and adventure. Finding love is the last thing on the young man’s mind. However, when the search party rescues two sisters who were betrayed and left for dead, it lands squarely in his lap.

Painfully shy around pretty girls, it’s all Skip can do to talk to beautiful Peanut Lennox, let alone tell her how much he comes to care for the beautiful redhead with an adorable baby girl. Despite her heartache over her ex-fiance’s cruel treatment, Peanut can’t ignore the pull the shy, handsome Skip has on her—or the fact that little Annie adores Skip. Breaking through Skip’s shyness, Peanut finds out there’s much more to Skip than meets the eye.

Helped along by some matchmakers, their romance blossoms as they travel through the Black Hills, the sacred homeland of the Lakota and many other tribes. Can the power that lies within the ancient mountain range create an unbreakable bond between them or will it be torn asunder by mistrust and anger? Come along on a mystic journey with our friends to find out.


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