Mail Order Bride: Montana Ricochet (Echo Canyon Brides: Book 11)

montana-ricochet-by-linda-brideyI am excited to announce that book 11 in my Echo Canyon Brides series is now available at the links below. Happy reading.





Nothing is what it seems in Echo Canyon as Sheriff Evan Taft and his staff chase an evil serial killer. Just when they unravel one thread, more tangles come their way. When Daisy Newton comes to marry Sergeant Cade Hadley, things become even more interesting. Could he be the man for her, or will dark secrets intrude on romance?

Desperate to solve the horrendous murders of seven innocent women, Echo’s lawmen run down every possible clue—including one that leads to mysterious newcomer, Corey March. Could he be behind the horrible crimes or is he as innocent as he claims?

Can Echo’s finest uncover the identity of the murderer before another victim falls into the killer’s clutches? Can love survive in a time of danger and uncertainty or is it doomed from the start? Join the citizens of Echo Canyon, Montana to find out.


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