Mail Order Bride: Westward Justice (Montana Mail Order Brides Book 6)

Westward Justice,Montana mail order brides

** A clean romance novel **

Sammi Jameson has seen her two best friends leave Walhalla and move to Dawson, Montana. She’s lonely and bored. So when her friend Jamie lets her know that another eligible bachelor is up for grabs in Dawson, Sammi waits for the ad to be posted and isn’t disappointed. A handsome lawman is in need of a wife and Sammi knows she’s the perfect woman for the job. She sets her sights on the deputy and heads off to Montana.
Deputy Mitch Taylor is looking for a woman who’s strong, independent, and beautiful. Sammi Jameson fits the bill to a T. His boss and friend, Sheriff Allen passes away unexpectedly, leaving him with a lot of unexpected responsibility as the new sheriff. When Sammi arrives in town, she proceeds to shake things up, including him. The gun-toting, tough woman might just be more than he bargained for.
Amid danger and desire, they make a passionate connection. While Dawson is in upheaval, Mitch and Sammi are experiencing their own difficulties. Broken promises and heartache plague the couple and their marriage may fall victim to their love being lost forever.



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