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Slight Delay, Racing Hearts (Dawson Chronicles #4)

Racing Hearts Delay

Dear Friends! Please accept my apologies for the delay in getting this book out. Some of the characters got a little unruly and tried to run off with the plot, Nisha has a mind of her own and Mayor Dwyer doesn’t help matters any. Anywho, I had to do a little revamping, so please be patient with me just a little while longer. I’m striving to bring you the same quality of stories you’ve come to expect of me and I won’t put out an inferior book. As always, I appreciate your support and friendship. While you wait, here’s a snippet to entertain you.


Raven Dwyer drove along the road to Wolf Point. He still worked as a part-time deputy for Dawson, and since he was one of the only two officers who was sober at the moment, he’d been dispatched to take care of James Kirkland. Emily had called the Sheriff’s Office from the hospital to notify them about the situation.
He smiled as he thought about how drunk Mitch, Ryan, and Shadow were. It was rare that Mitch imbibed so much, especially at that time of day, so it was hilarious to see him bleary-eyed and hear him proposing outlandish explanations for Maxine Earnest’s disappearance.
Raven sobered over the reason behind the three lawmen’s experiment. Having lost his youngest daughter, Raven understood Shadow’s particular pain, and he prayed that Max didn’t now walk in the spirit world as Snow Song did. He hoped they’d find Max safe and sound somewhere. However, he also knew that the chances of that happening diminished with each passing day.
As he rounded a turn, he frowned at the feel of the steering wheel in his hands. While he knew he had to change with the times in some regards, he disliked driving a vehicle. It had no soul, made no response when he talked, and was cold to the touch in the winter.
He quit his musings when he saw a car blocking his side of the road and a tall, black horse tied on the other side of it. A man and woman were arguing in the middle of the road and it looked like the confrontation was about to turn physical. Raven screeched to a stop, threw the parking brake on, and ran towards them.
“Hey, hey! Stop it!”
The man Raven recognized as James Kirkland slapped the woman and Raven put on even more speed. He expected her to fall to the ground, but to his surprise, she swung her right fist and landed a hard blow to Kirkland’s jaw. 
Raven reached them just as James started sagging. He let the other man crumple to the ground and turned to the woman. “Are you all right?”
“Fine,” she said, her breathing ragged. “I want that jackass thrown in jail! He almost ran me and Jetta off the road and now he assaulted me when I was just trying to keep him safe.” She yanked a small ring of keys out of her trouser pocket and hurled them at James. They bounced off his chest and fell onto the road. “He’s your problem now, whoever you are.”
“I’m Raven Dwyer, a deputy from Dawson. What’s your name?”
Nisha put a hand to her stinging cheek. “Nisha Raine.” 
She turned away from him and jogged over to Jetta. The tall Indian deputy was following her, but she didn’t care. She’d had enough and wanted to get out of there. He caught up to her just as she was mounting.
“You’ll have to come to the office to file a report,” he said.
Nisha met his dark eyes. “Fine. Just as soon as I get some sleep. I’m exhausted and I need to take care of my horse. She’s had a trying time this morning and needs some peace and quiet.”
Raven trailed his gaze over the horse. “She’s a fine filly. Do you live in Wolf Point?”
Nisha smiled and patted Jetta’s neck. “No. We’re from all over and we’re on our way to Dawson for the rodeo next month.”
Jetta swung her head around to sniff Raven and he let her get his scent. “Do you know some of the competitors?”
Nisha gave him an enigmatic smile. “No, but pretty soon, everyone will know us. I’ll find your office later on to give you that statement. Goodbye, Deputy Raven.”
She turned Jetta towards Dawson, clicked to her and trotted down the road.
Gazing after her, Raven had the feeling that trouble had just come to Dawson.
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Racing Hearts, Dawson Chronicles #4 Coming Soon

Something exciting is coming and it’s time for the big reveal! Once again, I’ll be writing and bringing you more entertaining, page-turning reads. The return of the Dawson Chronicles series is right around the corner, starting with Book 4, Racing Hearts.

After his marriage fell apart, Eric Samuels’ heart was too bruised and battered by his ex-wife’s betrayal to take another chance on romance. That is until a beautiful whirlwind blows into his life in the form of a raven-haired beauty with midnight eyes.

Nisha Raine is a free-spirited, unstoppable force. This would-be horse jockey races into Dawson on a coal-black mare that has all the speed of a hurricane and the heart of a champion. Nisha intends to enter Jetta in the inaugural run of newest addition to the Dawson Rodeo, the Dawson Derby.

Inspired by the original Run for the Roses, the race pits the fastest horses in the state against each other. Upending social norms, Nisha is unrelenting in her fight to be allowed to compete. When she and Eric meet, a clash of wills ensues. They disagree on everything, but Eric can’t deny that she stirs the embers of his heart and Nisha has to admit that he might be the port she needs in her stormy life. Can they bridge the divide and cross the finish line together, or will their differences make them falter and lose the race?

Continue the journey with me and the wonderful Dawson and Echo characters we all know and love. Don’t miss any new releases by signing up to my mailing list, click here.


Thanks for your continued support and friendship.

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