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Something exciting is coming and it’s time for the big reveal! Once again, I’ll be writing and bringing you more entertaining, page-turning reads. The return of the Dawson Chronicles series is right around the corner, starting with Book 4, Racing Hearts.

After his marriage fell apart, Eric Samuels’ heart was too bruised and battered by his ex-wife’s betrayal to take another chance on romance. That is until a beautiful whirlwind blows into his life in the form of a raven-haired beauty with midnight eyes.

Nisha Raine is a free-spirited, unstoppable force. This would-be horse jockey races into Dawson on a coal-black mare that has all the speed of a hurricane and the heart of a champion. Nisha intends to enter Jetta in the inaugural run of newest addition to the Dawson Rodeo, the Dawson Derby.

Inspired by the original Run for the Roses, the race pits the fastest horses in the state against each other. Upending social norms, Nisha is unrelenting in her fight to be allowed to compete. When she and Eric meet, a clash of wills ensues. They disagree on everything, but Eric can’t deny that she stirs the embers of his heart and Nisha has to admit that he might be the port she needs in her stormy life. Can they bridge the divide and cross the finish line together, or will their differences make them falter and lose the race?

Continue the journey with me and the wonderful Dawson and Echo characters we all know and love. Don’t miss any new releases by signing up to my mailing list, click here.


Thanks for your continued support and friendship.

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